Volunteer Opportunities across India | Startup Events

Get an entry into India’s startup ecosystem.

Volunteer with us for the startup events organized across India. Each year, we work with many self-motivated 1) individuals actively looking to engage with startup community in their city and 2) startup founders willing to give back to the community!

27 Founders have volunteered with us in 2014.

The hackathons & meetups by Weekend Ventures are an ultimate package of enthusiasm & awesomeness! As a volunteer, you get an unparalleled opportunity to closely work with different elements of startup ecosystem such as Founders, Accelerators, Angel Investors, VCs, Mentors & Program Managers.

These hackathons & meetups are responsible for high quality networking & learning exercise for hundreds of startup founders. As a volunteer, you get to play a key role in creating such environment where founders can meet experts & investors for growth.

How it works?

  1. Submit your application below.
  2. Our city manager will contact you, brief you & meet you in person.
  3. They will walk you through all different roles you can play & how you can contribute your time most effectively as a volunteer.
  4. Within few days, you will be plugged into one of the events/programs for try-out.
  5. If you enjoy your work, our organizers will welcome you officially to join our team!


You will invest 7hrs a week for straight 10 weeks. That’s it!


We are mobile! You can work from your office or home. During events & programs, you will be physically present at the venue.


Since 2012, our hackathons & meetups have supported over 500 startups & over 1,500 founders! Aggregated valuation of these startups is over $300 Million. A strong team of 27 volunteers was responsible to help hundreds of startups. This year, you can get to be part of a bigger team to create huge impact!