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Join Startup Meet Bangalore to see the battle of entrepreneurs as they pitch to investors!

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Date : March 4, 2017 | Venue : Amazon, MG Road.

Why Join Startup Meet?

  • Learn & receive valuable feedback from experts & investors
  • Be added on investors’ watch list for funding
  • Network with other founders & market your product among the audience

Startup Meet allows early stage tech startups to participate & pitch. Please apply to participate. If your startup is shortlisted, you will receive a confirmation email with payment link. To participate as an audience, you can purchase tickets below.

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What happens at Startup Meet?

Each Startup Meet follows the same format of 3hrs. The meetup kickstart with pitch by each of the shortlisted startups to angel investors & accelerators. Organizers host a short panel discussion with investors, followed by Q&A between investors & audience. It concludes with networking snacks & drinks.

Date : Saturday, March 4, 2017

  • Agenda

2.00pm – 3.30pm: Startup Pitches

3.30pm – 4.30pm: Panel Discussion with investors

4.30pm – 05.00pm: Networking snacks

Venue : Amazon, #10, 3rd Floor – Brigade South Parade,M.G. Road, Near Trinity Metro Station, Bangalore 560001.

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  • How do I participate as a startup to pitch?
  • When is the final list of shortlisted startup is announced?
  • How many startups are participating?
  • How long is one pitch?
  • What is the format for pitch?
  • How many team members can present?
  • Can non-founding members pitch during the session?
  • How many investors will attend?
  • Will investors fund the startups right after the pitch?
  • I do not want to pitch, can I attend as an audience?
  • What is the check-in time for audience?
  • Can audience participate in the networking session?
Step 1 – Please click on Apply to Pitch. Step 2 – Submit your details. If your startup is shortlisted, you will receive confirmation email with payment link. Step 3- Make the payment in time & you are good to participate as a startup to pitch.
Once you submit your application, you will hear from us in 48hrs if your team is shortlisted. The final list of startups will be available 2 days before the event.
Only 10 startups will be shortlisted to participate.
Each startup can pitch for 3 mins strict. Immediately after each pitch, investor will get 3 more minutes to ask questions to startups. i.e. Pitch (3mins) + Q&A (3mins). 
Please click here for the pitch format. Each team has to create it’s deck using the same format.
Only three team members can present. However, all founders can stand together while presenting. Any founder can answer question asked by investors immediately after the pitch.
No. Only founders are allowed to pitch their company during pitch session.
Over 5 investor – angels investors & accelerators will attend the pitch session. 
No. The goal for startups is to introduce themselves. Most of the convincing investors to invest happens in subsequent meetings.
Yes. You can attend as an audience. Please click on Join As Audience and purchase your audience ticket.
Check-in time for Audience is 1.45PM on Saturday / event day. 
Yes. Audience can participate in the networking session. They can interact with startups as well as investors present.