TLabs’ Startup Lounge | Bangalore 2017

Inviting founders from Bangalore to pitch to TLabs – India’s most sought startup accelerator!

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Why apply to TLabs Startup Lounge?

  • Pitch your startup to TLabs investment team directly
  • Be added on TLabs’ watch list for $50K funding
  • Be connected to TLabs’s community and learn more opportunities
  • Receive valuable feedback from investors

About TLabs & it’s accelerator program

TLabs is an accelerator as well as an early stage seed-fund for internet and mobile technology startups. It funds USD 50K in funding per startup against 8% equity. TLabs has funded over 50 companies, Notable names include Vidooly, Happay & NewsInShorts. For it’s current batch of accelerator program, it’s looking for Consumer Companies (B2C) across industries. 

What happens at TLabs’ Startup Lounge?

Each attending startup will pitch to TLabs for 60 seconds. Based on pitches, TLabs will select 6 startups to interview on the spot. Each of the selected startup will spend 10mins with TLabs. During interviews, the accelerator will touch base very few but most important aspects of each startup.

Join Startup Lounge Bangalore

Who should apply to TLabs Startup Lounge?

TLabs is actively looking for Consumer Companies (B2C). It’s current batch is focused on founders that are building next generation of disruptive consumer companies across various sectors. B2C companies that are in prototype or pre-revenue or post-revenue stage are encouraged to apply for startup lounge.

How to participate in the lounge?

Register for the Startup Lounge. Be present on the day of the Startup Lounge, to pitch to TLabs. Based on all the pitches, teams will be shortlisted for interviews. Goes without saying – getting shortlisted for interviews does not guarantee funding.

If you have any questions about TLabs’ Startup Lounge, feel free to drop us a line at

Schedule – TBA

  • TBA

04.00pm-04.15pm: Check-In & opening remarks by organizers

04.15pm-04.30pm: Introduction & Remarks by TLabs

04.30pm-05.30pm: 60 seconds Pitch by each attending Startup

05.30pm-05.45pm: Announcing the shortlisted startups for interviews

05.45pm-06.45pm: Interviews

06.45pm-07.00pm: Open Q&A with TLabs investment team

07.00pm: Startup Lounge wraps up with Networking Coffee!

Venue : TBA

Join Startup Lounge Bangalore

Criteria To Participate

  • Criteria To Participate
Startups in Post-Revenue stage, Early-Traction Stage or Beta-testing stage startups can pitch.

Startups that have not yet developed functional product are not eligible to pitch. Yet, they can attend to watch and participate in the networking.


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  • Can I attend the event without pitching or applying for interviews?
  • Is it just a mock up or TLabs is actually interviewing startups?
  • If my team is selected for the interview, does it mean that I am shortlisted for funding?
  • Can every startup pitch for 60 seconds?
  • During 60 seconds, can we use presentation slides or any other sort of visual content?
  • Is every startup going to be interviewed?
Yes. You can apply the event as an audience. You do not have to pitch.
TLabs is actually going to interview Startups! This is not just a mockup! So if you are pitching, come prepared.
No! The funding decision is made by TLabs independent of the interview – after the event. TLabs will request you to formally apply to their accelerator program for funding.
YES! Every attending startup will pitch to TLabs for 60 second. Also, TLabs has reviewed their application before, so 60 second is enough time for TLabs to know the founding team & their pitch!
No! 60 second pitch is pure verbal pitch. No post cards/ no chart papers are allowed. This format has been followed globally!
No. Only 6 startups are going to be interviewed. Yet. TLabs is catch up with as many startups as they can during networking break.